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Main advantages of foam board

1. Protect the main structure of the building to extend the service life of the building. As the external insulation is to place the insulation layer outside the structure, it reduces the stress caused by the structural deformation due to temperature changes, and reduces the erosion of harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet rays on the structure.

2. Effectively eliminate the “thermal bridge”, which used to be internally insulated. “thermal bridge” is unavoidable, while external wall insulation effectively prevents the generation of thermal bridge and condensation.

3. The moisture temperature of the wall is improved. Generally, the internal insulation needs to be equipped with a vapor barrier, while the temperature permeability of the external insulation materials is far stronger than that of the main structure. Generally, condensation does not occur inside the wall.  The temperature of the whole wall body of the structural layer is increased, further enhancing the thermal insulation performance of the wall. medical imaging

4. It is conducive to the stability of room temperature. The external wall insulation is adopted. Since the structural layer with large heat storage capacity of the wall is located inside the wall, it is conducive to the stability of room temperature.

5. Increase the usable area of the house. It can avoid the damage of secondary decoration to the insulation layer.

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